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Success Stories

Redcliff, Christchurch
Warren and Jane
The work undertaken was extremely complex as the house required underpinning and connecting into the retaining wall that was built.  The first hurdle was creating access to the site and Irving Builders had to build a track in before the work could be started. Very pleased with the whole project and how the project was run. Great that the project stayed ahead of schedule and in fact, finished a week early
Alex Eason Christchurch

West Melton, Christchurch
Mark and Sara
Thanks for a great job and being willing to work around all our needs. To have a company that can show adaptivity and compassion while on the worksite is truly appreciated… Definitely be recommending !!
Sally Ching Christchurch

Redcliffs, Christchurch
Andrew and Rhonda
We first met Lance and Matt after we were recommended them by a previous client of theirs.

After having the opportunity to see the quality of their work, we had no hesitation engaging them

as our builders.


Throughout the whole process of working with our earthquake insurance claim, the team at

Irving builders were patient and consistent with both parties to achieve a good and fair outcome

for everyone. There were numerous issues with the repair that the insurance company

contested for which we were generously supported by the Irving team. They helped us to avoid

anything but a repair strategy that would be of a high standard.


The quality of the finish has been fantastic and the amount of touch up work required was

minimal. Since finishing the job and passing the defects period, Irving Builders has never left

any further queries or concerns unattended to.


We elected to do a second project with Irving Builders after purchasing the section in front of us

and building a tennis court and pavilion building on a steep slope with many challenges. Due to

our relationship achieved in the first stage of earthquake repairs, we were confident to sign up

on a new contract managed by ourselves in conjunction with Irving Builders. Right to the finish

date, the ability to work together to achieve our vision was never too hard. They always had a

solution and clearly put a lot of extra time and effort into getting it just right for us.


Together we designed the stairs and gates that link the 2 sites, and we are thrilled with the

architectural feature they are; a credit to their ingenuity skills.


Lance and Matt have been a pleasure to deal with throughout the process and we have no

hesitation with recommending them to future clients. Thanks for making our building experience

a positive one.

Andrew and Rhonda Christchurch

Adrian & Sarah Black