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SIPs Building

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Among the many questions that arise with SIPs building, first ask yourself:

1. Do I need engineered SIP plans? How to pick a designer?
2. What’s the SIP construction timeline?
3. What makes a good SIP builder?
4. What’s the cost of a SIP home?
5. Are permits needed for SIPs?

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What Are SIPs?

Structural insulated panels (SIPs) are pre-made wall, roof, and floor panels used in home and building construction. They consist of a solid foam insulation core sandwiched between two structural boards.
The foam core acts as a strong insulator, giving SIPs very high energy efficiency. The foam is usually made from expanded polystyrene (EPS) or polyurethane. The outer boards provide structure, strength and rigidity. Oriented strand board (OSB) is most common, but plywood, fiber-cement or steel can also be used.

SIPs are manufactured offsite and shipped ready to install. The panels connect together onsite to form insulated structural walls and roofs very quickly. SIPs are customisable, allowing flexibility in architectural design.

Overall, SIPs combine insulation and structure all in one panel. This results in an energy-efficient, strong, fast-to-build system for high-performance homes and buildings.

3 Reasons to Build Using SIP Construction in New Zealand

IRVING SIP’s Building

  • Energy Efficiency

    SIP construction creates an airtight, heavily insulated building envelope that far surpasses the energy efficiency of traditional wood framing. The rigid foam insulation in SIPs provides excellent thermal resistance, substantially reducing heating and cooling loads. This can lower energy bills dramatically compared to standard construction. The materials and assembly process of SIPs ensures minimal air leakage for improved efficiency.

  • Speed of Construction

    The modular nature of SIPs allows for very rapid assembly on site. Wall, roof, and floor components can be installed in just days, providing an enclosed structure much faster than typical framing. This accelerated timeline can dramatically reduce construction loan interest and labour costs. The ability to pre-fabricate SIP panels offsite also speeds up the overall project schedule.

  • Strength and Durability

    The composite sandwich structure of SIPs gives them exceptional strength and rigidity. The OSB skins withstand extreme winds, and SIPs can span greater distances between structural supports. The rigid insulation provides excellent racking shear strength too. This durability allows SIPs to withstand major weather events and natural disasters. Properly installed SIPs can last for generations.

Need Help with SIPs Panel Building in NZ?

Contact Irving Builders to discuss incorporating SIPs into your new residential or commercial building project. Our team of SIP experts will help you through every step of the process, from design to installation. We partner with premier SIP manufacturers and have extensive experience with SIP construction.

We will work closely with you to design a building optimized for SIPs. Our team then efficiently install the pre-fabricated panels on-site to minimize construction timelines. With SIPs from our trusted partners, we can deliver an energy-efficient, resilient structure that meets your expectations.

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The work undertaken was extremely complex as the house required underpinning and connecting into the retaining wall that was built.  The first hurdle was creating access to the site and Irving Builders had to build a track in before the work could be started. Very pleased with the whole project and how the project was run. Great that the project stayed ahead of schedule and in fact, finished a week early
Alex Eason Christchurch
Thanks for a great job and being willing to work around all our needs. To have a company that can show adaptivity and compassion while on the worksite is truly appreciated… Definitely be recommending !!
Sally Ching Christchurch


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